Welcome to the NATIAA Webpage.

I am Louis Adams and I am honoured to serve as the First President of NATI Alumni Association. It`s a great privilege and I am deeply grateful to our executives and volunteers for their advice and support.

Our Association represents more than 10,000 graduates and as our alma mater continues to pursue its mandate under challenging condition/circumstances. Our association is well positioned to contribute to the success of the Institute.

Past graduates and friends are the lifeblood of this association and have important roles to play. So if you haven`t been involved lately please check out the various links to help you learn more about our association, connect with NATI and fellow alumni from around the world and various activities of our association  and opportunities for you to participate.

As we embark on this mission of “Giving Back to Impact `we hope that with your involvement to volunteer, raise funds, and to organise events will help us to achieve our objectives.

With your assistance we plan to address the needs of the institute in terms of the facilities, equipments, books, mentoring, special lectures, homecoming events etc.

Our executive believe in working collaboratively with all the stake holders to ensure that the students are successful and upon graduation are educated, have economic potential will find employment, and be on a trajectory of upward mobility  .

During this year your Association worked diligently to define new strategic directions and goals.

  • Our first project is to supply cleaning equipments and products to the institute.
  • Determine the needs of the Institute.
  • Prioritise our activities/projects.
  • Initiate new projects
  • Enroll past graduates as Alumni
  • Plan various fun raising events

I invite all graduates to get connected and stay involved. As always feel free to speak to me or email if you need additional information

We appreciate your continued support.

Louis Adams, President
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