On behalf of the Board of Governors of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute, I am delighted to extend heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the Executives and Members of the New Amsterdam Technical Institute Alumni Association (NATIAA) for the successful hosting of your annual dinner and dance event on October 20, 2018. I am certain that, given the successes of the previous events, this year’s event will be even more extravagant and rewarding to Association. This current Board of Governors was inaugurated on June 22, 2017, with a charge to accelerate the transformation of the NATI within the two years of its service period. Our work in fulfilling this charge has been made so much easier with the unrelenting support of the NATIAA, and for this, as chairman of the Board, I am extremely thankful and inspired to continue in service to this Institution and society.

This year, NATI is seeking to obtain National Accreditation from the National Accreditation Council, in order to rise to the status that will give it the recognition it is so deserving of and by extension, its students, the level of standardized certification for them to perform in a fast‐pace evolving economy. Guyana, as an emerging oil economy, needs its own citizens to help manage this resource wisely, and no doubt, the NATI is an ideal institution to commence the training and development of the work force that is required to do so. These are exciting times for Guyana and at NATI, we feel that excitement and has commenced preparation to play our institutional roles in the development of a futuristic Guyana. Therefore, we will continue to depend on all stakeholders, including The NATIAA to provide the necessary support and resources to help NATI position itself in making it’s meaningful and relevant contributions to our staff, students, and country’s development.

The Board is confident of NATIAA support towards NATI’s growth and continuous development and is thankful for the contributions that you have made over the years towards the improvements of the institution and the delivery of its curriculum. Indeed, the Association, through its membership have enriched so many lives. The NATIAA is an exemplar for others to follow! Continue to lead!

Pleased accept the Board’s Best wishes towards an unforgettable 2018 Dinner and Dance! We hope to join you in

Be safe!

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